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Food preservation method (1/3): Heat.

Preserving food properly is indispensable to tackle food waste at home. This is why we would like to inform you about existing and efficient methods. As heat is the best technique to preserve your food the longest possible time, it will be the focus of this article. There are 4 main ways to use heat to preserve your food:

  • Pasteurization

which consists of subjecting food to a temperature between 85 ° C and 100 ° C and then brutally cooling it down. This method preserves the flavors and vitamins. Pasteurized foods need to be stored in a cool place. Their shelf-life is extended whilst still having a DLC to respect.

  • Sterilization is a heat treatment of more than 100 ° C. It destroys all living micro-organisms and ensures the preservation of food stored at ambient temperature.

  • Ultra high-temperature treatment (UHT) sterilizes food that is heated above 135 ° C for 1 to 5 seconds and then immediately cooled. It uses aseptic packaging to pack and store the food. This technique enables long storage at ambient temperature.

  • Canning (canned food)

is a process that combines two different techniques: thermal sterilization treatment and packaging of food in a sealed container. Canned food can be stored at room temperature for several years (5 years maximum). Beyond its expiry date, the food will lose its taste and/or nutritional qualities but will still be safe for consumption.

Heat preservation methods are no longer a secret for you. You can now easily practice, for example, the canning method to make jams, tomato sauce, or even antipasti.

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