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With F4A, only YOU can make a change! Our concrete win-win solution gives the opportunity 4 ALL to be a hero fighting food waste on a supermarket level! Standing for Food4All, our Startup is more than a win-win solution concretely reducing food waste on a supermarket level; it goes beyond by educating and creating awareness. We promote directly within our partner’s shop, products arriving to their expiry dates, centralized in dedicated spaces and of course also visible on our Apps.

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  • F4A’s Software allows supermarkets to better their stock management.
  • Automate manual procedures as well making profit out of their losses.
  • Increasing customer traffic in their shops
  • Directly reducing their food waste

Have a unique user-friendly experience on F4A’s APP!

  • Discover our daily promotions.
  • Locate the supermarket.
  • Get inspired by our daily video recipes
  • Create a virtual grocery list to help you not forget what to buy
  • Discover how much you saved

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  • #EATTODAY and give your wallet a break.
  • Our promotions are in average 50% cheaper.
  • Become a F4A shopper and have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Save time by knowing exactly what you want to eat.
  • Get inspired by our daily video recipes (of course they are made out of the products from our stocks!)

How it works?

As simple as it sounds, supermarket products arriving to their expiry date, will be centralized in dedicated spaces: the F4A shelves. Before giving those products a second chance to shine, they pass via a quality check. When passed, products will proudly wear the F4A sticker to be recognizable from far away in supermarkets! Thanks to this collaboration, supermarkets directly reduce their unnecessary food waste and give the green light to a new sustainable way of consuming!

Yes, customers you will not have to leave your favorite supermarket to act for the future of our planet! Not only will you contribute to a better future, you will also save money every time you shop F4A. Even better, improve your cooking skills and become the next best chef ! Just download the App and your life will be so much easier!

  • Our one and only planet will truly appreciate it !
  • Who knew saving the environment could be so trendy and make you save money?

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