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About the Chef

"My vision of veganism goes hand in hand with the desire to unite, to create social ties and to educate people to consume better and take care of their health" Fab

Fabrizio is an energy ball filled with creativity. His culinary adventures go back to 2014 when he decides to reorientate and takes an opportunity to start working in the kitchen with a friend. His motto: cooking in a creative and delicious way with fresh, local products and exploring different taste marriages. Fabrizio also has the power to cook simple but magical tasting food anywhere: Rock-a-field, a Luxembourgish rock festival, catering adapted to different environments such as in the fresh market in Dudelange or cyber live cooking shows like during the first confinement with Supermiro.

“L’enfant terrible de la cuisine” finds his inspiration in his roots: la “cucina povera”, based on the cuisine of the poor people of the south of Italy, a diet mostly based on diverse fruit and vegetables as the meat was considered a delicacy only served on Sundays.

Today, Fabrizio is the owner of OAK Bistro, at Luxembourg-Gare. He surprises his clients (vegan or not) on a daily basis with an explosion of flavors, exclusively plant-based. His purpose? Re-Educate a population that has lost connection with food. People today, and not only in Luxembourg, live in a rush, eat unconscious meals and develop diverse pathologies from the alimentation they adopt. With his creative, colorful cuisine, Fabrizio offers delicious, healthy and balanced meals prepared with seasonal, organic and local products.

The vegan chef takes everyday as a challenge and an opportunity to taste and create something new, different and with exquisite taste. It is also his positive personality filled with energy that is inspiring and that he takes pleasure in sharing with others.

The Oak bistro, 43 rue Goethe, Luxembourg Gare

The cute Oak Bistro is situated in the Gare area of Luxembourg-city. It is an intimate, welcoming establishment, decorated manually and locally, with an open kitchen that makes its particularity and enhances conviviality.

The open kitchen was Fabrizio’s first big challenge with Oak as the sanitary measures in restaurants were very strict. But not only considering himself a cook, but a human being filled with love above all, he made it happen in order to be able to spend some quality time with his clients while cooking. His purpose with Oak was also to bring some life in an area of Luxembourg that struggled a bit in the past years. A small restaurant filled with joy and creativity, serving cuisine inspired by the flavours de la nonna! “In short, a friendly and family-friendly place, where generosity is the keyword and where you eat well.”, as he would describe it.

The actual context of the pandemic didn’t relieve Fabrizio’s motivation: setting up a delivery system in partnership with Wedely Luxembourg as well as take-away without the food losing any of the magic of its taste, keeping the engagement up with live cooking sessions online, or transforming the restaurant into an “épicerie fine” proposing vegan delicacies such as vegan foie gras and camembert for the Christmas holidays.

At lunch, Oak bistro offers a complete formula with a soup, a balanced plant-based main course and a crunchy, seasonal salad or a raw, vegan bowl, as well as delicious raw cakes for dessert. The restaurant also keeps the legendary “burger nights”, suggesting vegan focaccia burgers and truffle burgers, along with home-made patatas and sauces. Follow OAKBISTRO on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed about these delicious happenings. Oak’s weekly menu is also available on the social media platforms, with the possibility of take-away or delivery via Wedely.

Oak Bistro

43, rue Goethe

L-1637 Luxembourg


MON-TUE: 12:00pm - 2:30pm

TUE-THU: 12:00pm - 2:30pm

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