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Small Actions Can Lead to Big Impact

No need to be vegetarian to reduce your meat and dairy product consumption. No need either to live in a tiny house to lower your carbon footprint or to be a "zero-waste hero" to minimise your waste.

The first step towards a more responsible behavior is the awareness that every action, no matter how big or small, counts. Give up the guilt and shame, and be good to yourself.

Behavioral change requires time, patience, and commitment. A learning period is indispensable and it happens through doing.

We have the envy, through this blog, to convey positive messages as well as helpful information and good practices.

Yes, ecology can be fun, all you need is to decide it. This being said, there are 3 important prerequisites to bear in mind to start off on the right foot!

1) F4A is your partner in crime !

You have a great desire to act but you don't where nor how to begin ?

The F4A blog is there to guide and inspire you. You can obviously contact us, through social media or email blabla@f4a.lu not only to seek help but also to share your thoughts and good practices !

2) Stay optimistic !

Indeed, our planet is under great threat, but feeling down or even worse hopeless, does no good. The state of the planet is the responsibility of all of us, and it's the multiplication of positive actions that will lead the change. Doubt is a common experience of all human beings but it doesn't mean you shall let yourself overwhelmed by guilt. Recycling your carrot peels and making your own compost is already an impresive step !

3) Dare !

Dare to try, making mistakes and spreading the word about your successes ! We are all capable of doing great things when we decide. Good outcomes will arise from your action. Shake that #foodwastehero inside you !

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